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Working for the man

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I live to play music. Am working to survive. Some years I pay the bills playing music, and sometimes I don’t. I wonder about the music scene in LA. Folks keep saying go out of town if you want to make money.  Listened to Dan Hicks live at the Troubadour from 1971. He sings where’s the money. Many people who have don’t give a damn about the people who don’t. Our civilization as a whole does not value art-what does this say about our civilization? Says, We’re not civilized. Oh, well. Am playing on the street tomorrow. God bless all[…]

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Cousin Kate

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Playing with a new group. Great energy and lots of fun. We have a gig in November, but don’t have a specific day. Check them out: Cousin Kate Follow Us

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Mama’s Hot Sauce RIP

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Well, we practiced and got good, but could never get any gigs. So much for Rockabilly.  My slapping ability got better. I got faster on the upright. Just couldn’t get the engine running. Follow Us

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