A performance is like a voyage;        First, we bring the people on board-careworn and burdened;      Then, we sing of sad times, we sing of happy times, of love lost and love found, we loose them in reverie, and then we rock them!       We touch their souls and bring them up to a better plane from which they depart and return to their homes, their hearts a little lighter for the journey……………

Suzanne Birrell

With a background in music from jazz to opera and everything in between, Suzanne Birrell sings and composes in most styles-Jazz, Swing, Latin, Reggae, Country, Folk, Rock, Funk, Bluegrass, Zydego.   It’s a WORLD blend!

Her vocal style is a rich contralto. Every song stands alone. Emotions are part of the tone whether it be sad or playful, she’s IN THE MOOD. An excellent actress, Suzanne can perform as the the country singer, the rock singer, the jazz singer, the opera singer and more. Her musical theatre have roles included Anything Goes to A Most Happy Fella to Sound of Music. She has performed as the alto soloist in Handel’s Messiah as well as in Menotti’s The Medium. She can sing a good solid Patsy Cline, can fill an instrumental void in a style similar to Ella, and rock the house a la Linda Ronstadt.

As a bass player, she primarily plays a 5 string long necked Ibanez. For jazz she sometimes plays Fred, her upright, or the 5 string. She has a 4 string Fender Jazz and a 1965 EBR Gibson for fat sounds. A Tacoma acoustic for folk or for playing on the street. (You can hear it on the Calico pie Album -nice tone) She can read charts, read music, improvise, and is available as a side ax.

She understands the world of entertainment. Gives a reason for folks to go out and SEE a show rather than just download the music.  See you there!


Photos by John Kraus