Head Shot Resume



  • How the Onion Was Nearly Scorched by Annette Lust (The Cook-comic lead)  The Fringe of Marin
  • The Little Prince (The Pilot/Narrator)  The Redwoods of San Rafael
  • Controlled Substance( Marielle-Suporting) The Fringe of Marin, CA
  • Kate Wears a Kilt (premier production) (Fiona- lead-heavy), Creel Productions, CO
  • Coping (Comic musical review)       Lead, Choreographer,  Pagosa Players, CO
  • Death Trap (Helga/lead) Columbia Entertainment Company, MO
  • Cabaret (Marie/ Kit Kat girl)                   Columbia Entertainment Company, MO
  • A Most Happy Fella (Marie/ lead)  Mineral Area Community Theater, MO
  • Mama’s Bank Account (`Dat Woman/ sup. Role) Mineral Area Community Theater, MO
  • Anything Goes (The Mother)           Mineral Area Community Theater, MO
  • The Bargain Store (The  Uptight one/ lead)               Madisonville Community Theater, KY
  • The Messiah (alto soloist)           Madisonville Fine Arts Community, KY
  • Dido and Anneas (opera)           (witch/ supporting role)        Webster University, MO
  • Madrigal Christmas Feast – Dinner theater  Kentucky Madrigal Singers, KY
  • The Sound of Music (Frau Shraeder/ lead )         Lake Arrowhead Fine Arts Group,


    • Force Five (working Title-movie of the week)  The girlfriend           Universal
    • Lombard and Gable Stunts: diving and as EXTRA           Universal
    • Wonder Women Stunts: track and field (hurdles, cross country)    Warner
    • Two Minute Warning Stunts: pushing, shoving, falling, crowd scenes   Universal
    • Sunshine (Club patron)           CBS
    • Future World (Chess piece)           AIP
    • Kojak (Woman on the Street)           CBS
    • Days of our lives (Pregnant Girl)           Screen Gems
And more