Director Background

Suzanne started directing as a young actress as a result of  frequently being told she was perfect for the parts except for her height. She worked as an AD for a very fine director who used to direct on Broadway and then for a not so good director.  After experiencing success as a choreographer and music director, she finally started directing. Her love of story and her musical experience gave her a unique style and ability.

With directing, Suzanne found her place in the universe. And this is what other people have said:

  • Ultimately the greatest credit for the unqualified success of this production goes to director Suzanne Birrell. She is able to draw from her actors absolutely genuine emotions, totally believable moment to moment, while never losing sight of the play’s overall arc. She picks up on the essential playfulness of the strategic games set up in the script and directs her actors to toy with each other in a playful manner, providing a strong contrast to the script’s serious side.” Review: Bay Area Times
  • The actors’ physicality throughout was true, seemingly spontaneous. Suzanne Birrell is the rare director who lets her actors take time to think during a scene. She is not afraid of pauses and trusts her actors to convey their character’s inner workings in stillness.” Review: For All Events
  • ”did i ever tell you how liberating your direction was for “proof?” in particular the longer monologues (“browsing…”) — you’re insisting that i take the time to see/savor all the imagery and not just rapidly spit out the words (as other directors might ). tx.” Kevin (Kevin Copp played brillantly played the father in “Proof.”)

After 24 years of stage experience, her goal is to direct movies.