Music Background

Suzanne Birrell has a career in entertainment that goes back to when she was a child and organized backyard variety shows of song and dance.  Selling tickets for a dime along with popcorn and lemonade she performed and directed and started her career in show business.  Her mother had bought her a 10 cent flute in Mexico and her first classical performance was her rendition of William Tell Overture (The Lone Ranger) on that bamboo Flute.

She really wanted to learn the violin, but the luck of the draw placed her in Beginning Winds.  She was hoping for clarinet, but the luck of the draw (somebody had to loose every one) left her with a choice of French Horn or Oboe.  After carrying that french horn to and from school everyday for a week, she decided to switch to Oboe.  She learned how to play Bacchanal off a record and managed to get herself into some side bands  (San Fernando Valley Youth Band and Claudhoppers Youth Band) as well as her school band and orchestras.  She picked up guitar along the way -an old STELLA- and started learning chords.  Sonny and Cher helped her career by using an oboe in a recording and suddenly she could make the rounds of the garage bands.  She also played jazz oboe a la Fake Book whenever the opportunity arose.

Along the road, Suzanne played folk style guitar as a solo and duo before sitting down to drums in a rock band.  The bass player left a bass at her house and she was “walking” by the time he picked it up.  She switched to bass – found it was in her soul!

She went back to school and got a degree in music studying composition; opera and jazz; as well as trumpet, violin, sax, and with a major attempt to learn tuba (Her oboe trained lips forced her to settle on baritone horn.)  She has a Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.ed.-5 yr degree from Webster University) and taught vocal and instrumental music in the public schools.  She has conducted choirs, orchestras, and bands.  She has composed original pieces for a-cappella choirs & bands and ensembles as well as composed incidental music for stage plays, films, and informercials.