Original Songs

Her original songs are drawn from life. Tony, an elderly gentleman from Palermo, Sicily, who worked all his life as a butcher, shared while waiting in a doctor’s office that “The sweetest words a man could hear was DADDY’S HOME!” “Forget men; I’M GONNA BUY ME A DOG,” was a sentiment expressed by friend, Donna, after a failed marriage. “I WANT TO THANK THE OTHER WOMAN for taking you away” is Maria’s motto for moving on to better times. “If you don’t leave me alone, I’m gonna find somebody who will,” was a statement by an apparently frustrated man overheard talking to someone on his cell phone and which inspired the song “RUBY PEARL.” IF YOU NEVER TRY, YOU’LL NEVER FALL leads us to TAKE ANOTHER CHANCE because there is always THE POSSIBILITIES OF YET!

With a background in dance, Suzanne also has composed a number of odd metered dance tunes-always fun.  CONFOUND ‘EM BLUES, a 12 bar blues in 5, is fun all around and rather confounding unless you listen to the bass.  CAFFEINE ADDICTION, another tune in 5, resonates with all of us who need that first cup of coffee, and maybe a second, to get going in the morning.  MARGARITA, a sexy number in 7, requires good tequila!

She also has composed delightful tunes to the nonsense poems of Edward Lear, the English poet famous for “The Owl and the Pussycat.”  In melodies designed to be sung a cappella and accompanied by guitar and bass, Suzanne performs the songs using different voices for different characters in a highly entertaining and melodramatic style.  The stories of Lear are brought to life with their timeless messages about life for adults and children.