My style of lesson is that it goes for as long as needed (45- 50 minutes? 1 1/2 hours?) The student does not come back until they have practiced and absorbed what it is that they want to learn. That means lessons are scheduled one at a time when the student is ready. I am a teacher in a traditional sense–I guide learning. Therefore, there is no need to come see me every week. I do make an exception if my students are getting ready for a performance, audition, or recital.

It is important to me that my students have fun playing. Strange as it may sound a lot of teachers get hung up on how well a student can play one song rather than whether or not they can hang with fellow musicians. I insist my students understand basic music theory so they can sit in and play a I IV V tune and more and understand what is going on. I encourage my students to learn to read music and chorts. Scales are a MUST. If you can play and understand scales you can improv on anything. If you can read there are a lot of jobs open to you that are closed to others.

If you think you’d like to learn an instrument while learning how to have fun with music and learn theory in the process, send me a note. If you are interested in learning rote tunes. I am not the teacher for you. If you are interested in learning how to sing correctly and learn anatomy and theory in the process, send me a note. If you want to take lessons to bulk up your resume but do not want to practice, I am not the teacher for you.

If you want to learn, I’d love to teach you. I also enjoy teaching and working with small groups-many styles and varied instrumentation. Music is a social art. I think people tend to practice more when they have a friend to practice with. The oddest duo I had was tuba and flute but I’ve also worked with as many as seven children in one ensemble and took them to 6 part a-cappella harmony.

I have a duo degree in Music Education from Webster University in both vocal and instrumental. In addition to my major instrument (oboe) I was expected to do a recital in two brass (tuba and trumpet), two woodwinds (flute and sax), one string (upright bass), and percussion in order to get my instrumental certification. Vocally I’ve studied, opera, jazz, theatre, & folk.

I have taught beginning winds and can start anyone on those instruments. I enjoy beginners. I also teach guitar and piano-focus on beginners. I am an excellent percussion teacher and will take you through the 64 rudiments and then turn you over to advanced teachers. Although I studied violin and upright bass, I do not teach strings; there are better teachers out there.

I also teach beginning through advanced bass and beginning through advanced singing. I will work with all levels on theory and musicality.

And I teach acting.

Rate: $60 per lesson ( 1-2 students)
Add $20 and 20 minutes for each additional student in ensemble
Add $5-12.00 travel expenses


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