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Phishing for Phoebe – Drama – A woman consumed with guilt finds redemption when the homeless man she once befriended locates her via a phishing email.

Pearl FisherDrama. Mystery. With only hope to guide them, a hired detective who engages in a fruitless search for a missing woman and an orphan who waits in vain for her mother’s return, learn they are family. TMFF-Third Place, 2020

Calico PieDrama. Two sisters, one raised with abuse and deprivation and one adopted by a loving and affluent family, discover each other in an emotional roller coaster of blame and doubt and jealousy. Filmatic Drama Screenplay: Official Selection

The Girl Wore Red – Retitled: Sam I Am. Coming of Age Rom-Com. A young girl invents an identical twin to help her cope with real life except real life is harder than ever to cope with. Honorable mention at the 2015 Family Film Festival. Atlanta Women’s 2020 Film Festival Official Selection

Through the Dark Moon – Animation. A flower eating Wyvern is tasked with bringing magic back to his dying planet. All depends on him learning to tell the truth. Family

Merrimen Exterminators
Thriller. In a mission to help women by getting rid of abusive husbands, the gig comes full circle when a woman comes in for a second extermination and realizes her husband is the exterminator.

Trails of RageThriller. Survivors search for the cause of a mysterious illness. The government and drug companies each have a vested interest in keeping them from finding out.


Johanna – Western. A 1847 saga of life on the frontier from the perspective of a young girl. —work in progress.


As the River Churns A fish out of water comedy. A New Mexican fishing community in the vein of “Northern Exposure.”

Sally and NormaComedy- After capably thwarting a couple would-be thieves, two aging “Nancy Drew” wanna-be women are reprimanded by their loved ones for taking matters into their own hands. A half hour long comedy in the vein of “Grace and Frankie.” Quarter Finalist in 2020 Page Turner Screenplays Contest. Nominated for Best Short at the 2020 Women’s Comedy Film Festival. Recently rated 8 and 7.5 on the Black List.

The Screenwriters Comedy. Four friends are arrested for plotting a murder. The erstwhile friends decide that courting reality is the easiest way to write scripts. (co-writer)


The Old Man Thriller. A young woman who hears stories of a strange old man searches for him in the forest. When she finally meets him she is both fearful and repelled for the mark of Cain is upon his forehead.

The Prime of Miss MarianneComedy. A beautiful and vain young woman, two farms hands, a small donkey, and a misunderstanding.

What’s that SmellParanormal Mystery. A dead cat leads to an investigation of murder, but the woman is not dead. Or is she?

The Ladies of LawrenceSatirical Comedy. When a well know womanizer drops dead at his 70th birthday party, his three ex-wives coach the current wife through the ensuing publicity which ends with a shocking twist.

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