My Job as  a Bass Player is to make everyone else sound good and to make sure that no one gets lost. If the guy on my left goes to the chorus while the guy on my right goes to the verse-some one’s not happy- My job: SMILE and keep it going.  The drummer keeps the beat, but a Bass Player in the GROOVE gets them dancing.  The Bass Player’s job is also to make sure the soloist don’t self indulge for too long.  The Bass Player MUST know their chords and scales and CAN’T Fake it.  The Bass Player must have a responsible, take charge, reliable, go-with-the-flow, and sober personality with no ego.  A bass player is a personality type.  HIRE A BASS PLAYER!


  • Out Of Nowhere, Taos (current) Electric bass/ background vocals   Rock, Blues, Americana DANCE  [Taos, NM]
  • Left Bank  (current) upright bass / vocals  Classic Jazz and blues  [Santa Fe, NM]
  • Cats With Class  upright bass/ lead vocals    Swing & jazz  [Southern California] [won 2014 L.A. Battle of the Bands]
  • Cousin Kate  bass/ background vocals  alternative pop [Los Angeles]
  • Mama’s Hot Sauce  upright bass/ harmonies    Rockabilly  [Southern California]
  • The New Position     Bass on album “Endless Roads”     Electronic Hard Rock  [Oakland, California]
  • Small Town Giant     ( formerly “Hot Biscuits”) Bass   Original high energy all styles  [Colorado] [played festivals and opened for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy]
  • Oh! Suzanna – JAZZ (duo)     Vocals & Bass jazz,     blues and torch  [New Mexico]
  • 4 –Will Drive     Vocals & Bass country,     Tex-Mex  [New Mexico]
  • Dean Murphy Blues Band     Vocals & Bass     originals, blues, rock  [Colorado]
  • Elvis Tribute Band  Bass and harmony     Elvis  [Colorado  & Florida]
  • Melange     Vocals & Bass     original rock, jazz, Latin, fusion, funk  [Colorado]
  • Jazzaziz (Trio)     Vocals & Bass     jazz a la REAL BOOKS    [Colorado]
  • Sun Soma     Vocals & Bass     old & new rock, Latin, country, jazz, blues  [New Mexico]
  • Bluegrass Express  Upright   bluegrass
  • Chateau Flambeau     Bass/ lead & harmony singer     original swing, Cajun, funk, rock, Celtic  [Colorado]
  • Oh! Suzanna’s House Band     Bass/lead & harmony singer     country, rock, swing, blues, bluegrass; Also, harmonica, sax, & cornet  [Southeast Missouri]
  • Lynx     Vocals & Bass     50’s – 60’s Rock ‘n Roll  [Southeast Missouri]


  • 5 string long necked Ibanez for Rock, Country & Jazz.
  • Austrian Upright Bass for Jazz, bluegrass or folk
  • 4 string Fender Jazz for Jazz and Country
  • 1965 EBR Gibson for fat sounds
  • Tacoma Acoustic Bass for folk or for playing on the street.

Can read charts, read music, improvise, and is available as a side ax.

Substitute Bass player in all kinds of Bands from Jazz to Rock to Country to Big Band.

MULTI- INSTUMENTALIST: Over the years I have accompanied community choral shows on bass, drums, oboe and/or recorder.  I also have performed in bands on Cornet, Alto Sax, Flute, Oboe (jazz), Clarinet, guitar, and baritone Ukulele.  For my own enjoyment I also play a kazoo, harmonica, hammered dulcimer, and concertina. 

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