About the Songs

I have played in Blues Bands, Rock Bands, Country Bands, Latin Bands, Jazz Bands, Cajun bands, Folk Groups and Big Bands. Therefore, the music I write sort of absorbs all these flavors.  I keep wanting to get into a studio to do my stuff but have never found the family.

I was listening to the news one day and sat down and wrote Other People’s Money.  I am extremely proud of the bridge–I think Imentioned almost all movers.

Chuck Jones, David Everson and I we sitting around while the housing market was collapsing.  Having bought my house with no money down  I  told  them I was a Sub-Prime Survivor.  David used to work in the mortgage industry and knew all the terms.  So while David and Chuck drank Tequila and smoking and fed me  lines, I put in the rhymes and the music.  It was good time.

Rich Man’s War is a folk song.  I wanted it to sound ageless and old timey.   I wanted it to sound real and in the moment–sort of hard to do when you are playing all the parts.  I played this on my Tacoma Acoustic Bass and added a recorder and tambourine.  I wanted a raw sound because that’s what war is.

Daddy’s Home is a pure country tune.   I was in a doctors office and got to talking with a gentleman from Sicily.  These were his words and sentiments.  I just went home and put them to music.  The band I was in at the time played this often.  One day, the gentleman who had told me the story came into our club.  After getting his permission, I introduced him as the man I wrote the song about.  The audience gave him a standing ovation and he held court for the rest of the evening.  It was powerful.

Another country tune.  I was driving down the highway in the middle of the night Just Sort of Wonderin’ about the boy I should have married a long time ago and this song came to me.  With advent of computer and after my divorce, I looked him up.  I found him.  He’s married so I’ll never know whether he thinks of me or not because I never did give him a call. 

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