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Two Scripts selected!

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I submitted two scripts and both were chosen! The feature “The Girl Wore Red” And the Pilot “Sally & Norma” based on the short “Saturday in the Park with Vic” are official selections for The Women’s Comedy Film Festival in Atlanta 2020! 

Screenwriters and Actors

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The Screenwriters and Actors of Santa Fe meets every Monday from 6 to 8:30 at the Santa Fe Incubator at 3900 Paseo del Sol, Santa Fe, NM. It is a meet-up group of serious writers and actors. The writers benefit from hearing their words read. The actors benefit from a weekly practice of cold reads. We hear improvement in both sides of the table. This has turned into a child of the group I help start and hosted in California- The Screenwriters and Actors of Hollywood -now in its sixth year. The meeting is open to anyone who is serious[…]

Acting 101 for screenwriters

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I used to I teach acting workshops which segued into writing then into production of the original scripts. The workshops were about 4- 6 weeks long. This time time I am just focusing on the acting and writing for the actor. Should be fun. If you sign up, please bring a page of dialogue with no directions.